Commonwealth Act No. 625
June 7, 1941
An Act Providing the Manner in Which the Option to Elect Philippine Citizenship Shall Be Declared By a Person Whose Mother is a Filipino Citizen

Commonwealth Act No. 473
November 6, 1939
An Act To Provide For The Acquisition Of Philippine Citizenship By Naturalization, And To Repeal Acts Numbered Twenty-Nine Hundred And Twenty-Seven And Thirty-Four Hundred And Forty-Eight.

Commonwealth Act No. 177
November 13, 1936
An Act amending and repealing some of the provisions of chapter Twenty-seven of act numbered Twenty-seven hundred eleven commonly known as the Administrative Code of nineteen hundred and seventeen, and providing funds to defray the necessary expenses due to the extension of the Civil Service Law to all branches and subdivisions of the government.
Commonwealth Act No. 146
November 6, 1936
The Public Service Law
Commonwealth Act No. 131
November 6, 1936
An Act Toconsider Students While On Trainee Instruction Or Regular Active Duty Training, In Regular Attendance In Their Schools Or Colleges, Entitling Them To Special Examinations In The Year Or Course In Which They Were Enrolled At The Time They Were Called For Trainee Instruction And Active Duty Training, And To Promotion To The Next Higher Year Or Course Upon Passing Such Examination.
Commonwealth Act No. 111
October 31, 1936
An Act to Punish Acts of Evasion of the Laws on the Nationalization of Certain Rights, Franchises or Privileges
Commonwealth Act No. 108
October 30, 1936
An Act to Punish Acts of Evasion of the Laws on the Nationalization of Certain Rights, Franchises or Privileges
Commonwealth Act No. 95
October 27, 1936
An Act Authorizing the Philippine National Bank, The National Development Company, and The Secretary of Agriculture and Commerce to Establish and Maintain Warehouses for Tobacco and Other Marketable Products
Commonwealth Act No. 91
October 26, 1936
An Act To Fix The Standard Time Of The Philippines, And To Authorize The President Of The Philippines To Establish A Daylight Savings Time Therein
Commonwealth Act No. 89
October 26, 1936
An Act To Define The Powers Of The Provincial Sherif And Of The Courts In Connection With The Removal Of Improvements In Ejectment Cases
Commonwealth Act No. 83
October 26, 1936
An Act To Regulate The Sale Of Securities, To Create A Securities And Exchange Commission To Enforce The Provisions Of The Same, And To Appropriate Funds Therefor
Commonwealth Act No. 80
October 26, 1936
An Act Creating The Office Of Adult Education, Enumerating Its Duties, Defining Its Objectives, And Providing Funds For Its Operation.
Commonwealth Act No. 78
October 26, 1936
An Act Transferring to the Secretary of Finance the Powers and Supervision Heretofore Exercised by the Secretary of the Interior Over the Financial Affairs and Financial Agencies of Provincial, Municipal and City Governments
Commonwealth Act No. 73
October 23, 1936
An Act To Prohibiting The Killing, Hunting, Wounding Or Taking Away Of bubalus mindorensis, Commonly Known As Tamaraw.
Commonwealth Act No. 66
October 22, 1936
An Act Providing For The Verification Free Of Charge By Justices Of The Peace As Notaries Ex Officio, And For The Registration Free Or Charge By Registers Of Deeds, Of Instruments Concerning Agricultural Or Crop Loans Not Exceeding Two Hundred Pesos Made To Small Farmers By The Philippine National Bank.
Commonwealth Act No. 65
April 16, 1936
In Act To Declare That Public Act Numbered Five Hundred And Twenty-One, Known As "Carriage Of Goods By Sea Act," Enacted By The Seventy-Fourth Congress Of The United States, Be Accepted, As It Is Hereby Accepted By The National Assembly
Commonwealth Act No. 63
October 21, 1936
An Act Providing for the Ways in Which Philippine Citizenship May Be Lost or Reacquired
Commonwealth Act No. 55
October 17, 1936
An Act To Amend Section One Of Act Numbered Thirty-Seven Hundred And Thirty-Six, By Providing That The Provisions Of The Said Act Shall Not Apply To Cases Involving Liability For Any Tax, Duty, Or Charge Collectible Under Any Law Administered By The Bureau Of Customs Or The Bureau Of Internal Revenue
Commonwealth Act No. 50
October 14, 1936
An Act Directing The Secretary Of Agriculture And Commerce, The Philippine National Bank, And The National Development Company To Establish, Operate, And Maintain Warehouses For Copra And Other Marketable Products.
Commonwealth Act No. 33
September 22, 1936
An Act Authorizing The President Of The Philippines To Receive And Accept Donations Of Money Made For The National Defense And To Prescribe The Rules And Regulations Under Which The Donated Money May Be Expended By The Philippine Army.
Commonwealth Act No. 32
September 15, 1936
An Act Providing For The Subdivision And Sale Of All The Portions Of The Friar Lands Estates Remaining Undisposed Of

Commonwealth Act No. 1
June 18, 1935
An Act to Provide for the National Defense of the Philippines, Penalizing Certain Violations Thereof, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and For Other Purposes.
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